Whistleblower system

Our BayWa compliance whistleblower system offers all employees, business partners, suppliers and their employees as well as other third parties with a professional context a protected communication channel for inquiries or information on compliance issues relating to human rights, environmental and climate violations, occupational health and safety, corruption, antitrust and data protection, among others.

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All whistleblowers are expressly encouraged to contact their line manager or BayWa’s Compliance Organization if they notice any ambiguities regarding the applicable rules, have questions about them or notice that someone is behaving in a non-compliant or dishonest manner in the course of their work for our company or one of our business partners. This can help prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

If a (suspected) suspicious case is reported in good faith, the whistleblower – regardless of whether the suspicion is ultimately confirmed or not – does not have to fear any disadvantages. In particular, no retaliation or discrimination will be tolerated.

Code of Conduct Diermeier Energie

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct forms BayWa’s value system and is valid throughout the Group as a binding code. The “Guidelines for our actions” contain ethical, social and legal principles that are binding for all employees worldwide.
Supplier Code of Conduct Diermeier Energie

Supplier Code of Conduct

The responsible treatment of people, the environment and animal welfare is a cornerstone of our self-image. BayWa also assumes economic, ecological and social responsibility along its supply chains. This Code of Conduct provides the basis for this.
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Individual consulting

Since 1930, customers from industry and commerce have trusted the high quality, reliability and safety of our products and our services. We know the right lubricant or operating fluid for every application in a wide range of industries. We incorporate our many years of expertise into every consultation and together we will find exactly the right solution for your application. Simply give us a call or send us an e-Mail:

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