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Our products cover many different areas, from industrial applications and automotive to accessories and services. Discover the right solution for you here.

High-performance lubricants for industry

Our range includes a variety of high-quality lubricants for industrial applications. Whether gas engine oil, compressor oils, turbine oil, standard hydraulic oil, bedway oil or synthetic high-performance grease – we offer you the optimum lubricant for your needs. Our experienced specialists will work with you to find an industry-specific solution.

Our areas of application cover everything from special lubricants for the paper industry to lubricants with manufacturer approvals for special machines.

High-quality products for automotive

We are your trusted partner for automotive lubricants and fluids in workshops, transportation companies, municipalities and many other industries. Our automotive range covers a broad spectrum of applications relating to the maintenance, operation and care of vehicles of all kinds. We offer first-class premium products from renowned brands such as Aral and Castrol for efficient and sustainable use in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural vehicles.

Our product portfolio includes high-quality engine oils, powertrain lubricants, brake fluids, coolants, greases and much more.

AdBlue® for modern diesel engines

Whether in the vehicle fleet, in the workshop, at petrol stations or in your own business – AdBlue® is indispensable when using modern diesel engines and is crucial for exhaust gas aftertreatment in daily machine operation. The AdBlue® products in our range meet the highest quality requirements and are suitable for cars, trucks and construction machinery with SCR technology.

Thanks to our large stock of AdBlue®, we can easily provide our customers with large quantities and various containers. Our expert advisors are on hand to help you with every inquiry.

Technical accessories for lubricants & operating fluids

In addition to our lubricants and operating fluids, we offer a wide range of technical accessories for the application, storage and transportation of these materials. By offering optimized accessories, we aim to simplify our customers’ processes and optimize the effectiveness of our lubricants and operating fluids.

Our trained consultants will provide information on possible applications and optimizations for your business through the use of our technical accessories during the consultation.

Optimal products for classic and vintage cars

For classic vehicles, we offer our customers a large selection of engine oils, special fluids and care products. These products are designed for the age and the requirements of historic vehicles and are intended to ideally preserve the value of the vehicle during use, maintenance and care.

We exclusively distribute the Castrol Classic line of engine and transmission oils for classic car and motorcycle models.

Tailored services

To ensure that manufacturing, production and operations run smoothly, we offer our customers not only our products but also individual filling and just-in-time deliveries.

Thanks to our high storage capacities and our modern filling system, we can also provide our customers with large quantities of oils, greases and liquids in a short period of time.

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Individual consulting

Since 1930, customers from industry and commerce have trusted the high quality, reliability and safety of our products and our services. We know the right lubricant or operating fluid for every application in a wide range of industries. We incorporate our many years of expertise into every consultation and together we will find exactly the right solution for your application. Simply give us a call or send us an e-Mail:

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Smoothly to success. With Diermeier.

Our product portfolio of high-quality lubricants and operating fluids for industry and commerce meets the demanding requirements of modern production and industrial plants. By using our products, you can optimize the lubrication of your machines and extend the service life of individual components

Solutions for automotive use

In the automotive segment, we offer you an extensive selection of high-quality products that are specially tailored to the needs of vehicles. Our lubricants, operating fluids and additives contribute to the optimum performance and longevity of vehicles of all kinds. Together we optimize your everyday operations in the workshop and production.

Technical equipment for lubricants and operating fluids

We offer technical supplies for storage, use and transportation for our high-quality lubricants and operating fluids. Our range includes filters, pumps, dosing systems and much more. With this range of technical equipment, we ensure that you can make optimum use of the products.

Products for classic and vintage cars

For classic and vintage vehicles, we have special products that meet the requirements of historic and classic vehicles. We fully understand the unique requirements of these vehicles and offer you optimal and individual solutions for care, maintenance and protection.

Personal consulting and services

At Diermeier Energie, you not only receive high-quality products, but also personal advice and comprehensive services. Our experienced team is at your side with specialist knowledge and individual solutions on site, by e-mail or by telephone.

Sustainability and environmental protection

We attach particular importance to sustainability and environmental protection and have been completely climate-neutral since 2018. With our products and services, we also enable you to optimize your climate strategy and make your business more sustainable.

Discover the variety and quality of our products and services and benefit from our extensive expertise and commitment to maximum customer satisfaction. Smoothly to success. With Diermeier.