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Modern solutions for classic vehicles

Due to older years of manufacture and the original technical possibilities, engines and gearboxes in classic vehicles and vintage cars have special requirements. The use of modern oils can quickly lead to serious consequential damage. With the Castrol Classic line, you will find the right engine and/or transmission oil for your car or motorcycle. These oils, specially produced for classic cars, comply with the manufacturer’s specifications for older vehicles, but also meet the requirements for modern lubricants and operating fluids. Whether you are a classic car workshop, a classic car rental company or a private collection – as an exclusive Castrol Classic sales partner, we can advise you personally on the right Castrol Classic oil.

Perfect engine oils for historic engines

Modern engines in cars, trucks and two-wheelers differ significantly from their classic predecessors in terms of lubrication behavior and operating limits. With the constant further development of engines and lubrication technology, the requirements for engine oils have also changed. Modern oils have highly developed additives that can cause damage when used in classic cars. Our product portfolio of Castrol Classic Oils offers you and your historic vehicles an ideal engine oil selection for classic cars and historic vehicles. Castrol Classic Oi engine oil is manufactured in modern production facilities based on the respective state of technical development of the various automotive eras and supplemented with optimized additives. Our Classic advisory team will find the right Castrol Classic Oil for you, taking into account the individual manufacturer specifications and the optimum viscosity for your vehicles.

High-quality gear oils for classic gearboxes

The transmissions and powertrains of classic cars require transmission oils that are appropriate for their age and the shifting technology used (automatic and manual transmissions). Historic transmissions and classic drive technologies differ from modern drives in terms of their technical structure and the materials used. Classic cars also have high mileages or a high age of the individual transmission components. These circumstances require optimum lubrication and modern additives to maintain your classic car.

Castrol Classic transmission oils are specially designed to meet the requirements of classic vehicles of all model years. These transmission oils contain modern additives that minimize wear in the transmission and differential and provide optimum lubrication – even at high mileages. We can provide you with comprehensive advice on the use of Castrol Classic gear oils.

Personal consulting with a heart for classic cars

Together with the Castrol Classic Line, we support the preservation of historic vehicles and advise you on the selection of the optimum lubricants for classic cars. The Castrol Classic Line offers you engine and transmission oils for vehicles built from 1900 to the early 1980s. Even larger quantities of oils for workshops, collectors and fan clubs are no problem for our logistics. In addition to Castrol Classic oils, we also offer a selection of Castrol Classic merchandise. Need help choosing the right oil for your classic car? Take a look at the Castrol Classic Oil Finder or simply give us a call.

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Individual consulting

Since 1930, customers from industry and commerce have trusted the high quality, reliability and safety of our products and our services. We know the right lubricant or operating fluid for every application in a wide range of industries. We incorporate our many years of expertise into every consultation and together we will find exactly the right solution for your application. Simply give us a call or send us an e-Mail:

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Smoothly to success. With Diermeier.

The preservation of classic cars is a matter close to our hearts. Our product range for classic automobiles and vintage cars is based on the products in the Castrol Classic line. These engine and transmission oils meet the manufacturer’s specifications for older vehicles as well as the requirements of modern lubricants and operating fluids. As an exclusive partner of Castrol Classic products, we can provide you, your workshop or your classic car collection with optimized engine and transmission oils for classic vehicles on a long-term basis. We will advise you personally on the selection of the optimum products.

Engine oil requirements for classic cars

Compared to modern engines, old engines have very specific requirements for the engine oil used. Historic engines have larger oil channels, require a high stability of the lubricating film and tend to form oil carbon and possible damage to sealing material if the wrong engine oil is used. The respective Castrol Classic engine oils (e.g. Castrol GTX Classic 10w/40, Castrol Classic XL20w/50, Castrol Classic XL30 etc.) are specifically formulated for older engines and meet the historic manufacturer’s specifications.

Lubrication for historic transmissions

The changing of transmission oils is often neglected in many historic four and two-wheelers, although the condition of the transmission or differential oil is decisive for the shifting behavior and the service life of the entire drive – whether automatic or manual transmission does not matter. The Castrol Classic transmission oils (e.g. Castrol
Classic EP90, Castrol Classic D140 etc.) fulfill historical manufacturer specifications of well-known automobile manufacturers and are specially developed for use in classic cars. Our Classic competence team will provide you with comprehensive advice for the smooth lubrication of your historic gearbox.