Strong partnerships for your success

To achieve these goals, we work with renowned partner brands such as Castrol, Aral and Quaker Houghton. Find out how these partnerships pay off for you here.

Product and service experience

We consciously rely on strong brands as partners so we can provide you, the customer, with the best possible solutions. By working with renowned brands such as Castrol, Aral and Quaker Houghton, we guarantee first-class products that meet the highest quality standards. Our partnerships allow us to draw on extensive know-how, advanced technologies and proven solutions. By cooperating with strong partners, we build on long-term and trusting relationships to create added value together and ensure sustainable development.

Castrol – Partner for automotive and industry

Castrol is a leading global lubricant brand with many years of experience and innovation. Guided by the slogan “It’s more than just oil it’s liquid engineering”, the entire product range offers outstanding performance, wear protection and efficiency for engines, systems and machines.

Through continuous research and development, Castrol is constantly setting new standards in lubricant technology. Whether developing more environmentally friendly and sustainable products or using Castrol products to optimize operations, Castrol is a reliable Diermeier Energy partner that optimizes our customers’ success.

Castrol Classic – Partner for classic and vintage cars

Castrol Classic stands for the love of classic cars and the preservation of historic vehicles. With a long tradition in the development of lubricants for classic vehicles, Castrol Classic offers products specially tailored to these requirements. From engine oils and gear oils to greases and coolants, Castrol Classic offers a wide range of high quality lubricants for different eras and vehicle types.

Castrol Classic’s carefully developed products not only offer outstanding protection and performance, but also the assurance that they meet the original specifications and requirements of the vehicle manufacturers. With Castrol Classic and Diermeier Energie, you can be sure that your classic car is optimally protected and its authenticity is preserved.

Aral – Partner for automotive, industry and agriculture

Aral lubricants represent quality, performance and reliability. With many years of experience and expertise in the development of lubricants, Aral offers innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.

Whether in the automotive, industrial or agricultural sectors, Aral lubricants are designed to meet the highest requirements and ensure optimum performance. From engine oils and gear oils to special lubricants for various applications, Aral offers a wide range of products that we make available to our customers in various industries. As an official brand ambassador, we at Diermeier Energie are 100% behind the efficiency of Aral lubricants.

Quaker Houghton – Partner for Fluid Solutions

Quaker Houghton is a major partner of Diermeier Energie and a leading global supplier of industrial process fluids for steelmaking and metalworking. By working with Quaker Houghton, we are able to offer our customers high quality and reliable solutions for their demanding industrial requirements.

With many years of experience and technical expertise, Quaker Houghton develops innovative products that improve the performance and efficiency of production processes. Their extensive product range includes cooling lubricants, cutting oils, hydraulic fluids and many other specialty products that ensure optimal performance and product quality. The partnership with Quaker Houghton enables us to offer our customers first-class solutions and support them in increasing their productivity and competitiveness. Together we strive to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the industry and create added value for our customers.

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Individual consulting

Since 1930, customers from industry and commerce have trusted the high quality, reliability and safety of our products and our services. We know the right lubricant or operating fluid for every application in a wide range of industries. We incorporate our many years of expertise into every consultation and together we will find exactly the right solution for your application. Simply give us a call or send us an e-Mail:

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Smoothly to success. With Diermeier.

Since 1930, Diermeier Energie has relied on strong brands to offer its customers the highest quality and reliable products. Global brands such as Aral, Castrol and Quaker Houghton have established themselves in their respective fields and stand for first-class performance and many years of experience. By partnering with these renowned brands, we as a company can ensure that our customers receive the best solutions that meet the highest industrial requirements.

Our strength is consulting

In addition to strong partnerships, we attach great importance to providing our customers with personal advice. As a company with regional roots, we know how important it is to respond to the individual needs and requirements of our customers. Our experienced consultants support our customers, listen carefully and do everything they can to find tailor-made solutions. By providing personal advice, we build a trusting relationship with our customers and can help them achieve their goals.

The combination makes the difference

The combination of strong brands and personal advice makes us, Diermeier Energie, your reliable and competent partner for lubricants and operating fluids. We strive to always offer our customers the best products and the best service to ensure their satisfaction and long-term cooperation. Together we will make your success our success.